Custom Name Order Form for the Friendly Songs CD Kit

Use this item to order a custom name for your child. Any name that isn't currently available can be ordered here.

It take 4 to 6 business days for us to record your custom name.

When paying for this item you are only paying for us to record the name to make it available in our systems. This item does not include the cost of downloading the Album or Tracks. They will be paid for when you actually download the tracks.

When we notify you that your order has shipped you can then go back to the original application to get the name.

  • If you have a Download Card you will want to return to to redeem your Download Card and then download your album for the new name.
  • If you were on the Friendly Songs Digital Store you can return to to pay for and download the album or tracks for the new name.
  • If you were using one of our Mobile or Facebook apps then you can return to the app and search for the name again.

This time, when you use any of the applications above, the name will show and be available for the album you had ordered.

Please make sure you use the Custom Name Message Center (USA customers only) below to give us the pronunciation of the name to make sure it is recorded correctly.

If you are not a USA customer, or the Custom Name Message Center doesn't work for you, then please call 803-485-1544 to tell us the pronunciation you are ordering. If you get our voice mail then please leave a clear message by saying the child's name normally several times and slowly several times.

It is IMPORTANT that you use one of the two methods of telling us the pronunciation. When we record it we are recording it for you so we want to make sure that it sounds the way you say the name. The studio singers will liisten to the way you say the name right before they actually record the name for you to make sure they get it right.

Custom Name Order Form for Friendly Songs CD Kit

Friendly Songs

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Custom Name Message Center

Please Call 571-969-6263 Now!

The Studio Message Center will allow you to tell us how the name sounds so that our singers can duplicate the pronunciation. We can not record a custom name without you doing this step and failure to call in will delay our ability to process your Custom Name order quickly.

* If you do not complete your order for a custom name then this voice mail message will automatically be deleted.

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