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Welcome to the Friendly Songs Affiliate Program

Thank you for checking out the Friendly Songs Affiliate Program – this part of the web site meant to provide information, resources and support for current affiliates or affiliates who are interested in joining the Friendly Songs affiliate program.

Feel free to browse the links provided above. You may also contact us with any questions you might have.

If you’re not already an affiliate, becoming one is easy! Just apply by clicking the Share-A-Sale link and follow the easy instructions. Once approved, you can start promoting our products today!

Note: You will need to be signed up with Share-A-Sale before being able to apply for the Friendly Songs Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Program differs from our Wholesale Dealer (or Reseller) Program. To find out more about our Reseller Program please click HERE.

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Affiliate Commissions

By becoming an affiliate with Friendly Songs you can earn up to 35% commission on ALL of your sales made through us (minimum commission is 20%). Those numbers can add up quickly! We have a great selection of family friendly products to help you go from newbie affiliate to super affiliate with our program!

Since we are proud to be a member of the Share-A-Sale you will always get paid on time! Affiliates will get paid once a month via check or direct deposit once they have made $50 or more in commissions with Share-A-Sale. And we have a great bonuses for high achieving affiliates!

In addition to earning up to 35% commission, we always have bonuses, incentives, and special promotions designed just for you to make more money!

Program Highlights

  • Baseline Commission of 20% with VIP opportunities available based on performance. See more details below.
  • 90-day cookie
  • Auto-deposit
  • Customer Service on all of our products
  • Tons of creatives including banner, graphics, and widgets

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Affiliate Bonuses

Affiliates with Friendly Songs can earn an additional 15% commission on ALL of your sales based on quarterly gross sales!

  • Gold Affiliates earn an additional 15% commission (35% total) when your quarterly gross sales are $10,000 or more.
  • Silver Affiliates earn an additional 10% commission (30% total) when your quarterly gross sales are $5,000 or more.
  • Bronze Affiliates earn an additional 5% commission (25% total) when your quarterly gross sales are $3,000 or more.

Quarterly Sales are based on all sales beginning on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, or October 1st. Increased percentage earnings will apply to all sales during the quarter following the qualification quarter.

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Affiliate Creatives

Affiliates with Friendly Songs can use specially created "Creatives" like banners, links, widgets and data feeds.

All affiliate ads are available in the following standard sizes 88×31, 120×60, 120×90, 125×125, 234×60, 468×60, 120×600, 250×250, 160×600, 300×250. If you would like a custom banner size please feel free to email us and ask. We are happy to get you set up with what you need.

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Affiliate FAQs

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way for a web site owner (you) to earn commissions from a merchant (us) by directing sales from your web site to our products. Each sale made earns you commission off of that sale.

How do I get started?

You will need to sign up with Share-A-Sale, first (if you haven’t already), and then you can sign up for the Friendly Songs affiliate program from there.

Or you can Click HERE to sign up now!

What types of web sites earn the most money selling Friendly Songs Products?

We have a variety of different types of web sites that do well selling our products, but generally content driven sites with lots and lots of useful information for customers have the best success rate. Our products are perfect for affiliates who are in the baby industry, party industry, party planners, gift sites, children's sites and holiday sites.

Do you accept coupon sites into your program?

Yes. However, we do not currently offer many coupons to affiliates.

What type of affiliates will you accept?

We gladly accept affiliates who are advertising in a similar niche or genre to our products. We accept credible coupon affiliates. We accept PPC affiliates, however, you must comply with our PPC Bidding Terms. We review all applications to make sure your site is a good fit with our brand and complies with our Terms & Conditions.

How do I set my site up to earn money?

You’ll be able to view our entire collection of creatives, plus our data feed, and more by logging into your account through Share-A-Sale. Share-A-Sale will provide the HTML code you need, including your unique affiliate ID, so you can easily add the various creatives to your web site. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

How do you know that I’ve made a sale?

Share-A-Sale provides us with detailed reporting on the sales that are being made from our affiliates. It is tracked by installing a cookie onto your customer’s computer (we provide a 90 day cookie), which will allow reporting of the sale through Share-A-Sale and allow you to earn commission off of it.

How much money can I earn?

The sky is the limit! In fact, our top earners have made over $10K per month just by selling our music CDs! Our commission structure is as follows; beginning with 20% and going all the way to 35% based on quarterly gross earnings.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid once a month either through check or direct deposit right from Share-A-Sale.

Do you provide a data feed?

Yes. You can access it right from Share-A-Sale, once accepted into our program.

How do I get to the various creatives you offer so I can get started?

  1. Log into your Share-A-Sale account.
  2. Select, “Get A Link/Banner”.
  3. Search "Friendly Songs" under the search parameters.
  4. Select “Get Links”.
  5. Find the link, banner, widget, video, or product you would like and select “Get HTML Code”.
  6. Insert the code into your web site.

How do you keep your affiliates updated on what’s going on with your affiliate program?

We send newsletters out to our affiliates containing product information, program announcements, creatives, and contests!

Does your affiliate program have an affiliate manager who can help me out along the way?

Yes. You may contact the affiliate manager using the contact information below.

What if I’m not familiar with affiliate marketing and have questions for you about how to get started?

You are welcome to contact the Affiliate Management Team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What if I’m a current affiliate and need help with something?

First off, thank you for being a part of our Affiliate Program. We’re so happy to have you on board! You can contact your affiliate manager below. Someone from their staff will be sure to get back to you!

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Affiliate Managers Contact

For More Information please use the form below. Our affiliate management agency will handle all questions related to our affiliate program.

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