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Brent Castillio, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, said this about Kid Music in one of his recent articles - "I think it's a fun idea for kids. For mine, it may be a welcome relief to hear their names in a song and know that this time they're not in trouble." Click Here to read the whole article.


Curious about what other customers have to say about our Personalized Music CD's .... if so, read on!


My wife and I couldn't be happier with the CD, I'm amazed at the quality of it. My daughter and son-in-law are going to love it, next month is Ellie's 2nd birthday and she is going to have a ball. I put together a video clip of Ellie and her younger sister Gwen, with one of the songs from the CD. What do you think? Thanks - Parl & Brenda G, Bothell, WA

A SUPERB CD! I have just purchased the Lullaby Collection and it is fantastic. The lady on it sings like an angel, and the quality of the singing is so good, just like it was from a Disney movie. Beautiful songs, adored just as much by the adults as by my sweet little baby Karina.  Karina (we've nicked named her Poppalina) is 5 months old. A friendly, down to earth company to buy from. I would definitely recommend Kid Music to anyone. Also, thanks for such a prompt dispatch of the CD to the UK. It arrived today, FAST! I went to your Opinion Pole and gave you all top marks. Many thanks. - Tracey L., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (England)

I already received all THREE of my CDs I ordered, one of the children's music and two of the sports CDs for Christmas gifts. Last year I ordered three of the Christian children's music CDs for my three grandchildren ... and they loved them. I applaud you with this wonderful creative fun you have. I played each of the new ones and they are such fun .. I can't wait to give them as gifts!Thank YOU again for your work ... I will be ordering again, I'm sure!!! I couldn't give nicer gifts, that's for sure. - Nancy E., Tekamah, NE

You guys are awesome! I ordered 4 personalized CD's that arrived quicker than I could turn around. I also ordered two personalized plates which arrived today, knowing they'd take longer than the CD's. The plates are beautiful!I haven't actually heard the CD's yet; 2 are for my granddaughter's first birthday this weekend and 2 were new-baby gifts for a friend. The plates are for Christmas presents. What terrific presents the CD's and plates will be. I know they'll be cherished for years to come. Thanks for a wonderful site providing such great products! - Diane W., San Diego, CA

I am so impressed with the "special" feeling my children get when we play our CDs for themselves and for their friends, you can count on it that all their friends will start getting these for their birthdays, It's not only amazing and surprising for the children to hear their names sung but, the parents that are driving with us, laugh and always ask, where did you get this? thank you so much for all the smiles you put on my children's faces. these other 3 I ordered are all for my nephews, this is all they want to listen to when they come to aunties house. Hee Hee Thank you. - Ashly F., Oakdale, CA

My son has one of these CD's and he loves it! When he gets fussy we put it on and he calms right down. We say the CD has magical powers. We LOVE our CD and recommend them to everyone. Thanks! - Taryn D., Corona, CA

I recently purchased your CD's for my grandson's 2nd birthday. We will be celebrating next weekend. I finally had a minute to listen before giving them to him. I absolutely LOVE them and can't wait to share them with Shay!! I am a professional pianist and opera coach/accompanist and value the power of music. He seems to already love music and, I'm sure, will respond enthusiastically to hearing his name. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I also appreciate the clever arrangements, colorful instrumentation, and, particularly, the fact that the children on the CD's sing - not scream. Thank you for promoting good vocal health in these young people. - Sherry F., Wichita, KS

We play your CD's mostly every day. I run a small Babysitting service in my home and the kids are just thrilled when I turn the music on. Thank you, keep up the good work. I have told all of my clients how great they are! I look forward to new things to come. Keep up the good work. - Joan J.,

Hallie's TestimonialI just had to write and tell you how great your CD's are. My friend purchased it for my daughter Hallie who just turned one and she loves it. I just ordered some for my own friends and relatives. I am sure they will love them as much as we do. Hallie and I really do enjoy your CD and want others to know how great it is. Hallie is 1 yr old (as of April 30th, 2005). Thank you so much. - Risa T. of Warminster, PA


I was pleased to find your web site. It was easy to navigate, offered samples of the product and provided me with a unique gift option. Thanks - Janet M., Toronto, Ontario

As Arionna's Grandma I just wanted to thank you for the special attention you paid to my granddaughters CDs. I had misspelled her name with three n's and you got right back to me and took care of the problem. They arrived quickly and my daughter says that Arionna loves hearing her names in the songs. I am happy to tell others of your great personalized service and wonderful CDs. Thank you for helping to make my first grandchild's first birthday a special one. Thank you again for a job well done. Sincerely - Angela D., New Milford, NJ

Hi, Brian! Thank you so very much for the detailed email response. I truly appreciate your honesty! I strive to live by the same morals which is why you've earned a keeper! I'll be purchasing another Christian CD (along with the gift wrapping) for a sweet little two year old friend of mine. I think she will enjoy the CD just as much as my five month old son enjoys it! He absolutely LOVES song #2 (One of a Kind). We play the CD every morning and you should just see his little feet wiggle to the tune. Not to mention, he loves the fact that Mommy dances around the kitchen clapping her hands, stomping her feet, and nodding her head! We're just silly like that and we have so much fun!Anyway, I look forward to ordering from Kid Music lots more for months and years to come. I'm sure I'll have a lot more birthdays, just because, and Christmas presents to buy which will of course, be from my little man. By the way, I gave you all superb ratings on your survey! You definitely live up to providing the best in customer service, quickness of servicing orders, and customer satisfaction. Not to mention, you're great at responding to email quickly too. I'm soooo glad I came across your web site back in February. And, I look forward to referring all of my friends and family to Have a wonderful and Blessed week! - LiTonya R., Katy, TX

I just have to let you all know how much Kid Music has done for not only my children but my nieces and nephew as well. A year and a half ago, I purchased a CD for each of my kids, and each and every day we listen to at least one of them. My kids just love them so much. It has helped them so much developmentally as well. I could not say enough regarding Kid Music. - Chad H. - Yorktown Heights, NY

My daughter Sami, just LOVES to hear her name on the music! Every time, we get in the car now, its "MOMMY, i want to hear the SAMI MUSIC"....LOL. Thanks. - Missy L. - Winchester, VA

Hi...just wanted to let you know I just received my first CD in today's mail. Thank was so touching to listen to my new granddaughters name to music. I bought the lullaby collection ...amazing. I will be purchasing another CD for my other baby granddaughter...what a special gift for each of these little girls. It was shipped within a week....and I am very happy with your service. A new customer for years to come!!!!And again...Thank you!! - Lisa G. - Sun Prairie, WI

My friend bought this CD for me for Hanukkah and I love it. The songs are great and I love how they sing to me. I love it so much I had my mommy buy one for my best friend, Madeline. Thanks. - Jeremy P. - Son of Rachel P., Plantation, FL

Hi, folks. I participate in an on-line community of moms and grand moms. A discussion of personalized music CDs for the children began, and I wanted to let you know I posted the following:

More Satisfied Customers"Just adding my 2 cents: We have three personalized music CD's (all gifts) and we definitely prefer one over the others, so I thought I'd throw in our recommendation.  Our favorite, favorite one is from . The music is much cooler than others (includes diverse styles) and the child's name is incorporated in a much more natural sounding way. This CD is played ALOT and is still enjoyable for me, too. Also, this is Fred's CD and his name, being out of fashion, is difficult to find in personalized stuff. The kids enjoy singing and dancing to the songs with their names. The other two CD's are pretty good but don't get as much air time as the one from Kid Music. Have fun!"

Actually, my almost three-yr-old daughter Kaitlyn always asks for her baby brother Fred's Kid Music CD - "Fred music" - rather than her own, because she likes your songs so much. Thanks! Sincerely, Joanne L., Duncan, OK

I would like to say thank you for making such a quality product! I have ordered once before purchasing your Christian collection of songs for a little girl...I'm not sure who enjoyed it more... us or her! Thank you. - Ann R., San Diego, CA

My daughter Emily has the Christian CD and absolutely loves it. She turns two next month. She always asks for her "Emme" music in the car. I thought it would be a great Christmas present for all of my friend's children! - Holly G., Mt. Pleasant, SC

Thank you very much! Everyone I've given the CD's to are very pleased. It's a joy to give such a nice gift, and your customer service is super! - Sandy C., Portsmouth, OH

Just received the first 3 CD. They are the greatest and I know the Great Grandchildren will love them. This is what our Christmas Gifts will be to them this year. I bought binders that have the pockets on the inside, then put the words (lyrics) to the songs in there and made a Special front page with their name to go on it and a Christmas Scene. We have 15 Great Grandchildren. Planning on ordering the Lullaby Collection as soon as it comes out. Thank you for such a special item. - Nana P., Tulia, TX

Hi.. I have ordered several of your CD's and they are a HUGE hit........ Thanks so much....your CD's are a great gift! - Heather C., Tiburon, CA

My daughter Kira was about 8 months when she started listening to her personalized CD. She adores it. As soon as she heard it, she started jumping. When she began to walk, she danced to it. Now at 16 months, she automatically twirls and dances. It's become my favorite gift for a one year old!Thank You - Hali S., Los Angeles, CA

I received the three CDs I ordered! That's a total of 6 CD's that I've given as gifts since my son got his for Christmas! Everyone loves them as much as we do! As the holidays approach and more birthdays come up you will certainly hear from me again. I will be giving these personalized CD's as gifts for a long, long time to come!  Thanks so much. It's always a pleasure doing business with you and I love making other children feel as special as my son feels each time he hears his name being sung! Regards - Kristin B., Babylon, NY

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know I just received my CD I ordered for my granddaughter. It was great, I love it. I called my sister and she heard it so I ordered one for her for her grandson. I will tell everyone... What a great gift. So many times you only hear when people have problems. Some times it’s nice to hear nice things. Thank you so much. You made my day. - Donna P., Lasalle, IL

Thank you so much... I had a friend who got the CD as a gift when her daughter was born. I loved it so much I sent myself on a mission looking for the CD because my friend didn't know where it was purchased. I've been looking for the past month and I've found it. Thanks again! - Jennifer J., Fontana, CA

Thank you so much for your assistance. I called them last night and they did receive the CD yesterday. They loved it. As a matter of fact, they are probably going to order one for their daughter. I do appreciate your great customer service and will be purchasing more CD's in the future.  Thanks again. - Misty F., Orlando, FL

I have ordered CDs from you recently and love the music. - Robin H., San Diego, CA

Hello! I purchased this CD recently for my son Jessy who is 18 months old now, and we've been having such a great time with these beautiful songs! I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you once again!  Since the first time I played this CD, he's been " dancing" every single time I play. His dancing, of course, is only moving his body left & right because he's only 18 months old. You probably can imagine how it is. :) As soon as the first song starts, a BIG smile shows up on his face and he started to dance every single time. Looking at my son like that brings a BIG smile on my face and tears for joy as well. This means so much for us.  This may be none of your business, but please allow me to mention this. My son Jessy had open heart surgery when he was 2 months old, and he survived well against every doctors and surgeons expectation that chances were so slim I was told. Now he is "smiling & dancing" with these beautiful songs! Meanings of these songs (lyrics) might be a simple thing for some people, but it's so much for us. Simple everyday things like singing, playing, having fun with your friend,.... these are appreciation for the life you have. All that, brings my tears on my face every time I see my son is smiling & dancing with your CD.  And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We appreciate all of your hard work to bring this beautiful CD out to our lives. Unfortunately my son Jessy, he can't type yet to say thank you, but I can tell you that he wants to say THANK YOU whoever made this CD by looking at his beautiful smiles. :)  Thank you so much for your time for reading this. Take care - Tamao R., Sumner, WA

Well, I can tell you what *my* kids think and also their cousins who I gave CDs and books to this past Christmas. They LOVE IT! My kids argue about who's CD gets played first in the car so I have to make sure I take the car w/ the CD changer and change songs every time so they each hear every song! The nieces and nephews all loved them too and that's why I ordered some from you for birthdays. I also told my whole adoption group about your CDs and also my yahoo group of friends with children. Thanks for such a great product!   I just received the lyrics in the mail today and I thank you very much for again getting things to me quickly. The parties I have are this weekend and it's great to be able to give the CDs with the lyrics to the kids.   I have recommended you to my friends and I hope they order from you too! Thanks!   - Francine W., San Jose, CA

I ordered a CD for my little granddaughter, Amelia. I can tell you as the customer, that I was impressed with several things:   1) the simplicity and ease of use of your web site   2) the quick response   3) the follow-up service   4) the appearance of the final product   5) the songs But I think the more interesting comment is the unsolicited one from my daughter (Amelia's mother) when she got the CD. Here it is: Mom, thanks for the "Amelia CD". She loved it!! We were getting ready for bed and she was very tired. As soon as I put the CD is she started smiling and "dancing". You know, kicking her legs. I think she recognizes her name now, and liked hearing it in the songs. Thanks for the great product!! - Jeanne T., Beachwood, OH

HI! I ordered a CD for my nephew that was labeled wrong. I returned it and I emailing you to tell you how pleased I am. Enclosed in my new order was both collections and an apology note. You guys went above anything I expected and am very pleased. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend you to anyone. Thanks a lot! - Haley B.

I was skeptical when giving my credit card online, but receiving both your phone call and email, ensures me that ordering online from your company is safe.   Thank you again. God Bless. Sincerely - Janna F., New Orleans, LA

Hi! I'd like to let you know that we received the CD today, and we're having a great time playing it over and over and over again! This is so beautiful : ) I'm so glad that I found you.  Appreciate it!! - T. Rodriguez

I just received the CD that I ordered and wanted to say THANK YOU very much. It's absolutely wonderful! What a great way to share music with my daughter!   Thank you again. - Kym W., North Hollywood, CA

We just like to say we are having a baby boy any day now (Brandon) and my mother got us one of the CDs. We think it’s the greatest thing, better then anything my wife got at the baby shower. I think we will be getting 3 more for some friends of ours soon. Thank you. - Steve and Marina R.

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