Manufacture, Market & Sell Friendly Songs Products for Retail Venues, Home Based Business, and International Markets 

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Retail Venues

Due to the technology of our proprietary Burn-on-Demand Software System, you have the ability to manufacture our products on-site and at any location.

A single personalized music product takes only minutes to produce so your customers will have virtually no wait-time and consequently can increase impulse purchases at the counter.

Perfect for any retail location, including:

  • Mall Carts or Kiosks
  • Stand-alone Retail Locations
  • Trade Shows
  • Independent Toys, Crafts & Baby Stores
  • Any other Retail/Internet location

Enterprise Accounts

Friendly Songs has developed to allow domestic and international corporate entities to distribute our music using as easy as scanning the UPC code. We also work with qualified accounts to offer co-branding of our products, licensing and/or technology giving your company the ability to represent and promote your own brand while using our content. We can even create special SKUs and pricing discounts for guaranteed high-volume commitments.

Enterprise Accounts can include:

  • Big Box Retailers
  • Catalog Companies
  • Shopping Outlets
  • Amusement & Theme Parks
  • Any Domestic or International Sales Venue

Home Based Business

Mom & Pop type companies can also find great success from our Burn-on-Demand software system which allows you to set-up your business at nearly any location.

If you are a home based business, regardless of whether you are full time, part time or simply a hobbyist, our products allow you to make your own hours. You are in control of how much you make. Here’s an idea based on our BOD system of What is possible!

Easily set up shop at:

  • Craft Shows
  • Flea Markets
  • Fairs & Street Festivals
  • Church or School Fundraisers
  • Any other on-site Special Event

Friendly Songs BBB Business Rating of A+

Earn Money By Becoming A Friendly Songs Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Friendly Songs dealer. Please fill out the New Dealer Information Request Form below and we will contact you and email you a detailed information package with wholesale prices.

As a Friendly Songs Dealer you have the opportunity of a lifetime to represent a growing line of top quality personalized music and gifts. Our programs are designed to fit your budget and your style of your type of selling. Please read on to see what all we have to offer.

To learn more about Friendly Songs and watch some of our Informational Videos HERE.

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A Comparison of Earnings Potential!

Friendly Songs wholesale dealer programs start for as little as $500 and can be worked as a part time or a full time business. Each of our start-up kits include enough Retail Inventory to off-set the cost of the start-up kit. Our programs are both flexible and rewarding to be a part of and they are easy to get started. You can be up and running within a week of becoming a dealer. You only work the amount that you feel comfortable with based on the income level you desire. We don't limit your sales in any way, the Sky's the Limit!

  • Arts & Craft Shows
  • Flea Markets
  • Trade Shows
  • Fairs & Street Festivals
  • Theme & Birthday Parties
  • Part of a Current Business
  • School Festivals or Events
  • Toy and Baby Stores
  • Arts & Retail Shops
  • Special Events
  • Internet Sales
  • Mall Carts or Kiosks
  • Amusement & Theme Parks
  • Home Shopping Parties
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah's
  • Church and School Fundraisers

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Why is Friendly Songs so Popular?

There are quite a few reasons but here are some of the highlights:

  • Friendly Songs and it's parent company have been in the personalized products business for over 10 years. We've been through the trials of learning what our dealers need and want. That means no surprises, great support, great products with a company who has been tested over time. We are also the only company in our industry with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Friendly Songs music is primarily original compositions with a few old favorites thrown in because of their popularity. Since we've written the music, own the rights to it and produce the music in our own state-of-the-art studios we are able to produce a superior quality product.
  • Friendly Songs doesn't dub in the names like our competitors with some of the lower quality music you've heard in the past. Each name is actually sung and produced by our professional singers (some of which are nationally recognized personalities) to give you, your customers and your customers children, a product that they can be proud to own and to give as a gift.
  • Friendly Songs is constantly adding more names to our different albums. And once you are a licensed dealer of one of our albums you will never have to pay extra for any name we record for that album. With over 13,000 name variations it is easy for you to find the name you need.
  • Friendly Songs is the only company of our type that will also record custom non-standard names so you never need to turn a customer away. It's not instant because we still produce custom names the same way with the same great quality. But within a few days of your order, the new audio files you need will be available to you. Just update your system and burn the CD for your customer.
    • Most of our competitors never add names even though the public is always coming up with new popular names. Other companies rarely add names but when they do, it will cost you hundreds of dollars to upgrade and get the additional names. As we've already said, if we record a name for an album that you are licensed for you won't need to pay to get those additional names. You'll get them in your regular updates, free of charge.
    • Some companies record a small set of names and then never record any additional names. It's cheaper and easier for them because they can record a few of the most common names and not have the investment to support their dealers with any additional names. As we mentioned above, we want our dealers to always be able to make the sale so you'll never have to turn away a customer even it if is a "unique" name.
    • For the dealers who've been around a while, don't you just hate hearing "Well, you have the names for 3 out of 4 of my kids but since you don't have all of them I can't purchase. I can't buy only a few of them a CD and not all of them a CD." And you cringe as you see a $100 sale walk away. With Friendly Songs, that will never happen to you again with our custom name program.
    • Other companies tell you they will do any name, but test them on this because the real answer is that they might! That is if they think the name will be popular enough they may record the name someday in the future... just don't expect it soon. With Friendly Songs, we don't care how unique the name is we can record it for you and you'll have it in a few days.
  • Friendly Songs has a constant update program that keeps your software and your music up to date. No paying for, or waiting for, updates as you do with other companies.
  • With Friendly Songs, there is just less cost. We don't want to sell you a bunch of over-priced computer equipment just to get started or get you to buy over-priced supplies from us. You can purchase your computer equipment and quality supplies from your favorite vendor. The only thing you purchase from us on an on-going basis is the music burn credits and music sound modules.
  • Friendly Songs offers a number of great dealer program start-up kits that allow you to get involved at the level that best fits your needs and your pocket-book. Contact Us and one of our customer service agents will help you get started so you can become Successful Now!
  • Please fill out the New Dealer Information Request Form below and we will contact you with additional information.

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Several Ways To Participate!

Each program is designed to match a specific type of dealer need. Some programs require less start up capital and are more hands off. Other programs allow you to get the most profit margin and directly fulfill your customers orders. Regardless of how you'd like to run your business, we have a program that will be a great fit for you.

POS Retail Store Program

This program is designed for large volume catalog distributors and brick and mortar retailers. If you've been contacted by one of our regional sales reps then please use your rep to get in contact with us. If you do not know who your local sales rep is then please use the contact form below. In the comments please mention that you would like a sales rep to contact you about our "POS Retail Store Program".

If you are a brick and mortar retailer that is focused on the "Build A Stuffed Animal" concept then you would be interested in our BOD program listed below which allows you to make sound modules on the spot for your customers.

Burn-On-Demand Dealer (BOD) Program

This program is designed for small retail operations, large volume Stuffed Animal company's, web based retailers, stay-at-home moms (or dads) and home-based business operations. The main features of this program is the ability to produce products "on demand" for your customers when you need it. Customers like "instant gratification" and this program allows you to ful-fill that need by producing the finished products immediately for your customer without assistance from our home office.

Program Highlights

    • The BOD dealer program is designed to allow you to sell our music CD products and stuffed animal sound module products directly to your customers.
    • The BOD software includes a license to manufacture and sell the music CDs and sound modules using our state-of-the-art software.
    • Included with your kit is a USB security key which keeps track of your inventory and your licensed albums.
    • Also included is a USB External Hard Drive which includes all of your music files.
    • All you need to supply is a Windows computer with a CD burner and a color printer. Most folks already have those so you should be able to be up and running the same day you get your start-up kit.
    • The BOD software allows you to Burn CDs and sound modules on the spot from any of the thousands of names available.
    • Easily sell custom name products through our BOD V3 software.
    • Free Updates for the Life on your BOD software.
    • Automatically receive updates to your licensed albums so you always have all of the available names for those albums. We are adding another 1000 name pronunciations this year (over 13,000 names total).
    • Free Name Updates for Life for the albums your licensed on.
    • If we don't already have the name you need, just order the custom name and within a few business days you'll have it available for your customer. You never have to turn a customer away for not having their child's name.
    • Many new features are being introduced in our new BOD V3 software. We are not even disclosing all of the new features here on our web site because our competitors have been known to copy our ideas. Only our dealers will know the full power of the software and what it can do.
    • This program is best suited to all dealers that want to sell face-to-face with direct fulfillment to your customers.
    • The ratio of Income vs costs-of-good-sold (COGS) is the highest in this program with the largest profit margin. For example, your cost to sell a CD is $5 and you sell it for $20 you will make a profit of $15. That's a 4 times mark-up (300% ROI).
    • Want to earn an extra $25,000 this year? Just sell 5 CDs per day!
    • Click HERE for a chart that gives you an idea of the earnings you can achieve based on how much you sell.
    • You pick how you want to get started. BOD dealer start-up kits start as low as $500.
    • A BOD dealer start-up kit includes a security key which holds your burn inventory, the BOD software and a license for the Friendly Songs album of your choice.
    • The start-up kits also include enough inventory so that when you sell your initial inventory you will recover your full start-up investment.

Wholesale Drop-Ship Dealer Program

This program is an excellent way to be able to offer your clients the full line of products available to BOD dealers with a very small up-front investment. It is suitable for high-volume catalog retailers and internet retailers that prefer the simplicity of having us do the fulfillment for you.

Program Highlights

    • The dealer is provided with a unique login to our fully functioning Dealer Retail Web Site.
    • All orders are entered into our site directly by you or your staff for your customers.
    • Products can be shipped directly to your customer or to your facility.
    • Fulfillment is handled completely and professionally by our Friendly Songs production facilities.
    • The entire product line is available to your clients
    • Orders are usually shipped within 1-2 business days. Some personalized products require longer production times which are disclosed on the web site.
    • Our production facility is responsible for returns, damaged shipments, lost shipments, etc. We handle it all for you so you can focus on what you do best, selling product and getting paid.
    • Drop-Ship Dealers receive a 35% discount off of MSRP.
    • The ratio of Income vs your costs is wonderful with this program. For example, you sell a CD for $20 and you pay us only $13 to make it and ship it for you. You then pocket the remaining $7.
    • Dealers do not need to carry any inventory, install our software or purchase computer equipment or supplies.
    • The drop-ship program requires an opening product purchase of $300 minimum. 100% of that pre-purchase is applied to your first orders. After you have ordered $300 worth of drop-ship product you would pay only when you place an order.

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Affiliate Program

This program is designed for individuals that own or operate a successful web property already and would like to earn commissions by referring customers to Friendly Songs.

To get more information on this program please click HERE.

Fundraiser Dealer Program

We can create a fundraiser program that is designed for your needs. Depending on if you are doing a short fundraiser or a long term project, we can tailor one of our programs to work well with your requirements. Our fundraising programs allow you to sell unique and personalized products, unlike any other fundraising program. And with the high profit margins we offer, your fundraising program will be sure to be a success.

Please use the contact form below to tell us about your Fundraiser and we'll have a customer service representative contact you and help create the perfect fundraiser.

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Your earnings depend on the effort that you put into your own business, the sales you make personally. The samples below are based only on sales of full length Music CDs.

CD Sales Per Day

CD Sales Per Week

CD Sales Per Month

CD Sales Per Year

Possible BOD Yearly Profit





$ 5,475





$ 27,375





$ 54,750





$ 82,125





$ 109,500





$ 136,875





$ 164,250





$ 191,625

*  The samples above are based on an average retail product price of $20. The average Burn-On-Demand (BOD) wholesale cost is $5 per CD. The average Drop-Ship cost is $13 per CD. Data is rounded to the nearest dollar for simplicity.

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