Friendly Songs Drop-Ship Dealer Start-Up Kit

As a Friendly Songs Drop-Ship Dealer you have the opportunity to sell the full Friendly Songs line of top quality personalized music and gifts for a 35% profit margin to your customers.

Program Highlights

  • You are licensed to sell our Personalized Music CDs and Singing Stuffed Animal Products directly to your customers.
  • You are provided our Exclusive Friendly Songs Drop-Ship Dealer Login to use in when ordering our products.
  • You purchase the item from us at a 35% discount and tell us where to ship it.
  • Other than the start-up program, you simply pay for each order as you go so there are no inventory carrying costs and no minimum orders.
  • To get started order using the order form below.
  • There is an initial $300 non-refundable deposit that is applied to your first orders until the deposit is used up.
  • After the initial deposit is used up, you simply pay the wholesale price for each order when you make the order.
  • High Profit Margins, you make a 35% profit on everything you sell.

You get acess to all 9 of our Current Albums and access to over 14,000 Names!

  • Friendly Songs Original (FS)
  • Let's Sing for Jesus (LSJ)
  • No One Like You Lullaby (NY)
  • Bedtime For Me Lullaby (BFM)
  • Melodies About Me (MAM)
  • Imagine Me (IM)
  • Birthday Party Songs (BPS)
  • Happy Birthday Song (HBS)
  • Santa Message Song (SM)

So what are you waiting for?
Let's get started and become a Drop-Ship Dealer today!

Drop-Ship Dealer Start-Up Kit

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