Promoting Your Music, Your Artist, or Your Agency through Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals!

We work with Artists to Reach Your Fans!

Your fans LOVE your music and they LOVE to give your music to others. Why not make that easy for them by offering your music in a Singing Stuffed Animal?

We've been working with independent artists, agencies, and promoters for years helping them to deliver their music to their fans.

Small and large artists have worked with us to make the perfect Fan Gift. Obviously, NDA's prevent us from giving out the skinny on those arrangements. But you've heard the music from many of our customers.

You know those guys that write a custom song for each customer? We've worked with them also to give their customers a cherished gift of the music created just for them.

Click Here to hear what Stephani Lee (@Stephanie Lee’s UGC) had to say about Friendly Songs. Stephani is a recording artist as well so check her music out when you get a chance.

So how does it work?

We make it very easy for you!

The Music: You supply us with the music that you want us to put into the stuffed animals sound module. Unlike toy sound modules like you'd find in Build-A-Bear style stuffed animals, the Friendly Songs Sound Module can hold up to 2 hours of audio files. So we can do one song, or a whole album, it's your choice.

The Stuffed Animal: While we typically keep in stock 40 of the most popular styles of stuffed animals, for larger production runs, we can get nearly any style you'd like. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll see if we can do that for you.

Wholesale Pricing: We offer special pricing starting at 20 units or more. So you can start with one and if you like the concept, order a small batch. We can ramp up the volume based on your needs.

Click Here to order a sample with your music!

Let Friendly Songs Partner with you on your next Album Launch!


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