Did you know the secret to bonding with your baby before birth is sound?

Music is an important and powerful way for prenatal bonding with your developing baby. We developed the one and only safe and wireless Bluetooth Belly Speaker to enjoy relaxing music and soothing sounds with your growing baby. The powerful bonding experience sends calming reactions throughout your body and into the baby’s developing body too!

  • #1 Wireless Bluetooth Belly Speaker for Pregnant Moms:  Now you can create a stronger loving bond with your baby before birth with the first-ever cord-free Bluetooth Belly Speaker!  Never worry about annoying cords, poor sound quality, or uncomfortable speakers.  Our Wireless Bluetooth Speaker creates a soothing and magical bonding experience for both you and your growing baby!  Plus, our one-of-kind speaker allows you to adjust the sound volume to a safe and comfortable level.
  • The First and Only FCC and Bluetooth Certified Cordless Pregnancy Belly System!  Create beautiful memories together with the power of music & recorded voices. Our New Womb Music Belly Speaker is the only wireless Bluetooth Belly Speaker that is safe and fully certified by Bluetooth and the FCC.  All CERTIFICATIONS are posted in the FAQ Help Center. You can stream your favorite audio files using Bluetooth sync’d from your device, or you can play music stored directly on your Womb Music Belly Speaker.
  • Best Gift Idea to Bond with Your Baby Before Birth!  Do you want to give a special gift that makes a lasting impact?  Our Womb Music Bluetooth Baby Belly Speaker makes a thoughtful gift for baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas. It is the #1 Bluetooth belly speaker for pregnant moms to connect with developing babies in the womb through the power of sound.
  • A Safe and Effective Way for Prenatal Bonding! Our deluxe, patented belly speaker includes everything you need to play music, share stories, and help your baby bond with loved ones far away. This set includes one Bluetooth belly speaker with volume control, 2 GB of Internal Memory Storage, a premium nylon USB data and charging cable, two silicone reusable gel pads with a case,  a storage set gift bag, a complete user manual, and a bonus $20 gift card for personalized music for your child.
  • Give Your Baby a Head Start to a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life! Did you know that playing music for your baby while in the womb stimulates all areas of child development? Sharing music and soothing sounds with your baby can help them thrive throughout life. Give your child the best start in life with the power of music inside the womb!

Our innovative belly speaker for pregnant moms is the first and only wireless Bluetooth and FCC certified speaker to give you complete adjustable volume control and store music— with zero cords! This item includes everything you need to play music, share stories, talk to your baby, and help the baby bond with loved ones far away.

You’ll receive one Bluetooth belly speaker with adjustable volume and track control. It also includes 2 GB of internal memory storage to add, store, and play music files directly from the speaker. It includes a premium nylon USB data and charging cable.

Your purchase also includes two silicone reusable gel pads with a storage case. Plus, you’ll receive a storage gift bag, a complete user manual, and a bonus $20 gift card for personalized music for your child.

Give your baby a head start in life to thrive! Playing music for your baby while in the womb stimulates all areas of their child development. Our innovative belly speaker features complete volume control to adjust to a safe and comfortable volume level for you and your growing baby. This Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System creates a soothing and magical bonding experience for both you and baby!

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    Posted by Squishy on 17th Apr 2024

    I see different reviews regarding sound quality. I personally have zero issues with it and it sounds great. I’ve also plugged headphones into it and listened myself and it sounds good that way as well. Has a decent volume. The sticky rings work pretty well as long as you wash them. Battery life is good so far as well. My baby responds to the music consistently. I don’t know if it’s from the sound or vibrations, but he responds with movement. Overall would recommend and would buy again!

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    Bonding with baby

    Posted by Rick Crandell on 17th Apr 2024

    I'm an expecting first time dad and wanted to get something for my wife for Christmas that we could use together with/for the baby. Tonight we used this for the first time and it was super awesome! Whenever I try to feel him kick he shys away and stops moving. Music is one thing that drew my wife and I together when we first met and to be able to share our favorite artists and songs with the baby in utero, was just the coolest thing and away for me to be a part of the movements and time with the baby. I always hold her belly and talk to him and do all i can but the way our boy reacted to all the different music was just so amazing. It was like he was dancing in there!
    I 100/10 recommend this for any expecting parents. It's loud enough that you both can hear it without the use of headphones as long as the rooms quiet. The sticky pads for the womb music are super sticky and stuck perfect on mama's belly. I was also surprise at how easy this connected to Bluetooth on my phone. The range is great too, mama went to the bathroom across the house and it did not disconnect or skip a beat. I was reluctant at first when I bought this as a Christmas gift thinking it was gimmicky and silly but it is really so darn cool. Consider this your green light to try it out, don't second guess it. Womb music, thank you this fantastic product and for helping an excited first time dad bond with his wife and unborn child! ❤️ ? ♥️

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    Posted by James on 25th Jan 2024

    Extremely easy to use, good quality. I used it to record my deceased wife telling the little one she loves him, a beating heart sound and so forth... making it one of the most emotionally cherished gifts he will ever receive, I am certain.

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    Very Happy with WUSIC! Great for Quality Time together

    Posted by Wilfred on 22nd Jan 2024

    I wasn't expecting this to be a very good product, so I would say we were presently surprised!

    Bluetooth connection is very easy, the adhesive strips work well, and it's a well made nicely priced item.

    We would recommend, it's a fun idea and cool product.

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    Excellent Product ?

    Posted by Gereen P. on 8th Jan 2024

    Product was a great purchase, my baby enjoys his music nightly. I took one star off because it doesn't play the music I have saved to the memory. I followed the instructions and concert them to MP3 and still nothing. So I just stick to using Bluetooth and connect to my tablet. Secondly, don't oil you belly and try to stick the wusic or else it's going to fall off. Otherwise from that adhesive pads is Ohkay.

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    Estamos usandolo todas las noches

    Posted by ac27647 on 22nd Dec 2023

    Ha funcionado, buen tiempo de batería, sonido un poco bajo. Sin embargo, cumple con las especificaciones. Un buen detalle para embarazadas de más de 20 semanas.

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    What a great product!

    Posted by Troy H. on 11th Dec 2023

    I have a sibling that is mentally challenged but he loves music. This is the perfect gift for him! I was able to put his favorite songs on the device (with help from customer service) and all he has to do is push the button to listen. I called customer service for help and Ginger was wonderful! She was so helpful and made the entire process very easy to do. I would definitely buy this product again!

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    Great way to bond with your baby!!

    Posted by Ericka Carini on 3rd Nov 2023

    I love how easy this product is to use. There are so many great features that you can’t find anywhere else!

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    Great product

    Posted by Teresa Caicedo on 6th Sep 2023

    Great product

Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker - Play Music to your Baby Wirelessly

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